pokemon trainer nate sprite running to the right arts


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my name's riley! i'm a 17 year old artist, nature lover, video game
enjoyer, and s'more things. i have a lot of love for the world that i
probably can't fit into this site, so i'm putting all of the little
things i wanna share the most here!

RILEY'S DAILY COMIC CORNER! pixel art animation of hamtaro jumping and falling, face smushing into the ground, before getting back up again.

comics about stuff that happens in my everyday life or just like, thoughts on things and whatever. not actually daily but i'm gonna try to keep it consistent. you can check out the comic archive here!

first panel is a shot behind the author's persona sitting in a swivel chair. they are laying their head on desk while facing away, staring out a window that lights the room a little. text at the top left of the panel says: it's easy to lose track of the little things.
                second panel is a close-up shot of the author's persona, arms crossed on their chest, and a distorted look is given to them as though they were underwater. the text reads at the top of the panel: it's easy. the text reads at the bottom fo the panel: to lose myself in everything i'm not.
                third panel is a shot of the author's persona in the same swivel chair, but the area around them is a grassy field and their hair is in the grass. it looks like they're laying down while still in the same chair. the text reads at the top: but you miss so much in life. the text reads at the bottom: when you're only looking at what you don't have

issue #3: thinking
i've struggled with social anxiety for a long time and recently fell back on a lot of old habits. it's hard when it feels like i'm starting from scratch again, but doing scary things has always been more rewarding than yearning from afar.

                                                  SONG OF THE WEEK act of tenderness by cindy lee album cover. two people sitting on a couch with clown masks on, the one on the left holding a cigarette.
                                                  Wandering and Solitude
                                                  on Act of Tenderness
                                                  by Cindy Lee

                                                  Cindy Lee is always at the forefront of my mind when I think of art I can't
                                                  quite wrap my head around, but am always enamoured by nonetheless. This
                                                  particular track combined with Kyle Mangione-Smith's video collage makes
                                                  it one of my favourites. I recommend checking out Cindy Lee's Geocities!

4 stickers of pastel bear doodles


we're back! items page has been mostly formatted. div decorations still need to be set up and i need to make everything else on the left bar blue but yup yup. also i need to learn javascript so the buttons change the div without having to make a new page for each button. :) not a lot this time but i think i needed a bit of a break lol

feast your eyes with these new blinkies, hover transitions, extra graphics, and revamped directory bar! why do i have the same buttons twice on the same page, just in different places? because it looks AWESOME!! also i put a trainer sprite in the bottom right and even though i put it in the img files, it won't on the actual site? need ta fix that.
anyways i basically just have to fill in the center container's right-most scrollbar, then the bottom left container, and i'm done this page! obviously there are still gonna be some minor renovations to be made, but yeah. the hyperfixation went hard on this page. 3 days and this is almost done WOOOO!!!!!

bottom text section of the site has been turned into "song of the week". i was half looking for an excuse to talk about cindy lee, half trying to fill empty space with the first thing to come up in my head. audio player is not supported; prolly gonna need to fill that space with something else.

guestbook was added; still need to adjust colours bc they look a bit weird. comics started, comichive directory link working.

another box section has been added because there's a block of empty space at the bottom of the page. just have the divs set up right now, but i'm gonna make it a sort of hub for other site pages. might make the left bar directory redundant to have on the homepage...?

THE BIG DIRECTORY HOVERS NOW!! YIPEE!! kelly recommended the rlly cool idea of having my lil dude change depending on which text box is hovered over. maybe one day.... when i am more code savvy. :D

basically finished layout for homepage with some minor adjustments to still be made. a lot of info missing. broken links on directory bar. center div is centered on mac but not windows?

pixel art divider of a street


all of the cherries you pick,

            bumbling their varying reds

                      leave tendrils in veins to curl up and imbed.

                                      when the streetlights flicker on

                    and you stumble through these doors,

              holes where they sprouted,

i will pluck the soured once more.

      this is not your home and neither is it mine

                                        but tend to my garden, as will i.

                                                                      site created 03/23

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celebi art from hgss
pixel art of 12 pokemon sitting on a log
pixel art of 12 pokemon sitting on a log
pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky ds cartridge holder thingy

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moomin character art by tove jansson.

at the end of everything,

hold on to anything